What is Flutter and Why You Should Learn it?

We will discuss mobile app development history before knowing about “What is Flutter and Why You Should Learn It?”

In today’s world, Mobile app development has extended its influence extensively, encompassing a wide range of industries and user demographics. Mobile apps have seamlessly integrated into our everyday routines and offering an array of functionalities and conveniences right at our fingertips. Mobile apps serve a diverse range of purposes which is including communication, entertainment, productivity and health related aspects. It is offering a comprehensive solution to meet various requirements.

The mobile app ecosystem is flourishing worldwide, boasting millions of apps accessible on multiple app stores catering to both Android and iOS platforms.

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What is Flutter and Why You Should Learn It?

Flutter is an UI software improvement package created with the aid of the Google. With Flutter, you can make single natively compiled application for multiple platform like mobile (Android and iOS), web browser, Linux, macOS and Windows. Flutter lets in developers to write code once and set up it on multiple systems like Android, iOS, Web browser and Desktop operating systems.

There are so many important features available in Flutter. We will see in detail below

  • Fast Development – Flutter offers a remarkable feature called hot reload enabling developers to instantly see the changes reflected in the code without restarting the app. This results in significant time savings and accelerates the development process, making it more efficient and swift.
  • Expressive UI – Flutter provides an extensive array of widgets, empowering programmers to craft responsive and visually appealing user interfaces with ease.
  • Native Performance: Flutter apps are compiled into native machine code, which ensures high performance and smooth user experiences.
  • Single Codebase: Developers can use the same codebase to target multiple platforms, reducing development time and effort.
  • Access to Native Features: Flutter allows developers to access platform-specific features and APIs through its plugins, enabling integration with native functionalities.
  • Strong Community: Flutter has a vibrant community of developers, offering support, documentation, and a wealth of third-party packages and plugins.


A Comprehensive Comparison: Flutter vs. React Native

Flutter and React Native have emerged as popular choices. It is making the choice between them challenging.

What is Flutter, Flutter vs. React Native, flutter developer, flutter tutorial, dart programming language



Development Language and Framework

Flutter uses the Dart programming language. It is also known for its ease of use and national collectability.

Native Performance and User Experience

Flutter’s local compilation and Skia pix engine makes collaboration fast and intuitive that is resulting in a unbroken consumer experience across systems.

Widget Libraries and Customization

Flutter offers numerous pre built and customizable widgets. React Native’s trouble libraries leverage nearby platform abilties and provide a widespread range of ready to use additives.

Hot Reload and Development Speed

Flutter’s famous Hot Reload function shall we developers immediately be aware code changes to hurry up development. React Native also supports Hot Reload which makes it less difficult to iterate quicker and decreases improvement time.

Platform Support and Community

Google and the active community supporting Flutter has grown exponentially.

What is Flutter, Flutter vs. React Native, flutter developer, flutter tutorial, dart programming language


Flutter’s Native Performance Advantage

Dart Language and Ahead-of-Time (AOT) Compilation

Flutter uses the Dart programming language, which is designed for efficiency. AOT compilation translates the Dart code into native machine code, ensuring fast and efficient startup times on any platform.

Skia Graphics Engine
No Bridge to Native Components

Flutter doesn’t need a bridge to communicate with local parts.

Why You Should Learn It

Why do I prefer Flutter to learn in the coming year? I will discuss some points below.

What is Flutter, Flutter vs. React Native, flutter developer, flutter tutorial, dart programming language


Flourishing Popularity and Industry DemandFlutter adoptions have soared in recent years. As a developing range of organizations and builders include this format, the demand for Flutter operators continues to grow. Learning Flutter provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the required skills and improves their performance in a competitive job market.

Cost and Time Efficiency Working with Flutter apps reduces improvement time and fees. Businesses can reach a much wider target market with minimal effort.

Versatility and Flexibility Flutter’s capability to create applications for one-of-a-type structures offers developers unprecedented versatility and flexibility of their tasks. Whether it’s miles to create a cellular app, internet utility or maybe a computer device. Flutter affords a entire solution with a unmarried codebase.

Firebase (Real Time Database)  –  Developers can use real time database, authentication & cloud messaging of their application. Firebase works as a powerful backend.


Flutter provides powerful solutions for developers around the world. Flutter could be a revolutionary step towards flexibility and demand in the currently evolving technology industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the language used by Google Flutter?

Dart is the programming language used by Google Flutter. Flutter uses the Dart programming language.

Why does Flutter use Dart and not another “better” language?

Flutter uses Dart as its primary programming language because a combination of features makes it better suited for programming purpose. While some developers claim that other languages ​​can be better in certain aspects.

Dart Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation during development allows access to the powerful Flutter Hot Reload feature, enabling developers to detect code changes immediately without restarting the application The native machine code resulting from Dart ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation for production is , which provides fast and efficient startup time.

What programming language do I need to know before learning Google Flutter?

Before learning Google’s Flutter, you need to learn the Dart programming language.

How can I learn Flutter (Dart) without any prior programming knowledge of any kind?

Learning Flutter (Dart) without any prior programming knowledge might seem challenging, but with dedication and the right approach, it is certainly achievable.

First of all, you should start with any programming language like following steps.
(1) Understand the Basics of Programming (variables, data types, loops and conditionals)
(2) Learn Dart Fundamentals
(3) Dive into Flutter’s Documentation
(4) Take Online Courses and Tutorials
(5) Practice with Sample Projects
(6) Join Online Communities
(7) Attend Meet ups and Workshops
(8) Follow Flutter Blogs and YouTube Channels
(9) Seek Support from Online Platforms
(10) Be Patient and Persistent

Which language should I use for backend in Flutter?

There are so many languages you can use as a backend in Flutter. You can use Node.js, Python, Ruby, Java/Kotlin, Go, and PHP.

Is Flutter better than Kotlin/Java if you want to make Android apps only?

Deciding between Flutter and Kotlin/Java depends on the goals of your challenge and the knowledge of the development crew. If your consciousness is solely on Android app development and you have a crew with robust Kotlin or Java information, then sticking with those languages ​​might also make feel.

However, if your assignment needs a transition that expands to another platform within the future, otherwise you want to use Flutter’s top class pre-built widgets and its hot reload function for quicker improvement cycles.

Which is easier to learn, React Native or Flutter? Which will also be more helpful in the future?

Using React Native, JavaScript and React.Js ought to be greater on hand to internet developers familiar with JavaScript. Its syntax and ideas are similar to internet development that is making the transition simpler. JavaScript community affords quite a few sources and aid for gaining knowledge of React Native.